Other Aliases: Technicolor, Deadbeat FM
Genres: Twilight, Day Time Full On, Night Time Full On, Techno
Set Length: 1 – 4 hours
Tour Availability: Immediately
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Deliriant is South African producer Shane Renew. With a career spanning over a decade as a professional studio engineer and prominent producer in his hometown of Cape Town, Deliriant’s signature sound pushes the genre boundaries, yet can best be described as melodic & driving psychedelic trance. His sets are energy packed; riddled with dark atmospheres, intense breakdowns, clever drops, driving basslines, powerful leads and an always solid groove.

His lengthy discography, including 3 full length albums, many single releases & countless compilation contributions across various labels have charted on digital download stores Beatport, Psyshop and Junodownload on several occasions. Deliriant has toured both nationally across South Africa and internationally in Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia, Portugal, Mexico & Kenya.

Performed At

Rezonance NYE Festival (ZA), Earthdance Cape Town (ZA), Origin Festival (ZA), Vortex Trance Adventures (ZA), Alien Safari (ZA), Vortex Parallel Universe (ZA), Tree of Life (TUR) and tours in South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia, Portugal, Mexico & Kenya.

Recent Releases

As Deliriant:

The Journey LP (Spectral Records)
Spiritual Experience EP (Spectral Records)
Unstoppable EP (Psy.ology)
Paranoia EP (Kaos Krew Records)
Miracle Cure LP (Nexus Media)
Chemistry LP (Nexus Media)

As Technicolor (Deliriant vs Mad Piper):

Dreams EP (Spectral Records)
Corrosive EP (Spectral Records)
Speaking Colors EP (Spectral Records)

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